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Rule an empire in this action RPG on Nintendo Switch and PS4. Cue the Cleverbot teaches kids to code with games and interactive stories. Infiltrate The Eye in this official Now You See Me interactive storytelling game.
Campers have insane adventures in this officially licensed roleplaying game! Cockblock your friends with magic in this fully-playable D&D spoof. More adventures for the official late night RPG of San Diego Comic-Con.
Mystery Show parody featuring the voices of James Urbaniak and Laura Silverman. “Penn & Pencil” show-within-a-show segments of #1 iTunes podcast. Trading card comedy podcast recorded at the legendary Meltdown Comics.
Old Spice’s animated web series teaching boys about puberty. Featuring the voices of Terry Crews and Isaiah Mustafa. Project Alpha (Nerdist) sci-fi comedy series about scientists lost in the audioverse.
New comics starring Ariel, Jasmine, Snow White, Belle and their friends. New stories about Oscar the Grouch, Elmo, Grover, and Captain Vegetable. New adventures for Richie Rich and Casper the Friendly Ghost.
Geeky comedy magazine praised by AV Club and Wired. (Editor-in-Chief) National print humor magazine lauded by NY Times. (Contributor) Monthly magazine of adventures for D&D gamers. (Upcoming Contributor)
Parody alternate history of Disneyland, illustrated by award-winning artists. A short and terrifying romance. #1 YA Humor book on Amazon. Novella satirizing horror fandom and movie news blogs.
Social campaign celebrating Hulu fan favorites. (Agency: Good People) Social posts and commercial for Disney mobile game. (Agency: ICHI Worldwide)

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"He brings his stellar writing skills and unmatched creativity to realize any writing challenge."
Michael Kosaka
Creative Director, Kiwi Inc
"Geoffrey is enthusiastic, clever and diligent. Hire him, or suffer the consequences!"
Aaron Simpson
Writer / Producer (Happy Tree Friends)

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