Quick Facts About Geoffrey:


  • Current Position: Editor-in-Chief of The Devastator, the national comedy magazine for geeks!
  • Special Ability: Writing/editing books, comics,¬†screenplays, video game scripts, web series, blogs, and comedy articles.
  • Real Special Ability: Turning people into stone using eye lasers. Eyes only emit standard lasers, no “stone” powers.
  • Bestselling author of Frankenstein’s Girlfriend: Amazon’s #1 Hottest New YA Humor Release.
  • Studio Clients: Warner Bros, Fox, Sesame Workshop, Capcom, Ape Entertainment, Mondo Media, Lionsgate and more.
  • Website Clients: Cracked, The Daily What, Buzzfeed, Comedy.com, National Lampoon, MadAtoms, CraveOnline and many more.
  • Main Hobby: Killing alligators to absorb their life essence, which he describes as “The Ultimate Energy Drink!”¬†Rumor unproven.
  • Email: geoffrey “at” geoffreygolden.com
  • Twitter: @geoffreygolden
  • Secret Shame: Saw part of the Insane Clown Posse film Big Money Rustlas. It’s on Netflix Streaming and he was curious… Who are you to judge?