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Narrative Designer

Hey, I'm Geoffrey! For over 15 years, I've been writing game narratives for major studios and awesome indies around the world from my Los Angeles office. Past clients include Ubisoft, Capcom, Disney, and Square Enix. The first game I ever designed was on a paper diner placemat when I was 7 years old. Inspired by my Game Boy, I drew tiny spaceships, monsters, explosions. Soon, I traded crayons for a keyboard. I've crafted stories for a wide range of gaming platforms: console, mobile, tabletop, web – even robots! But I still draw maps by hand, because I'm old school like that.




Portfolio highlights

These are a few of my favorite game projects I’ve recently shipped. I’m working on a portfolio for my writing credits in other “medias,” like comics, animation, and books.


Release Year: 2017-22
Publisher: YYT Games
Platforms: Console (PS4 / Switch / Xbox)

Role: Narrative Director

Fallen Legion Revenants is a side-scrolling action RPG where players control two very different heroes fighting a mad dictator in a pandemic. I oversaw all aspects of story: constructing the overarching narrative, shaping the backstory, fleshing out the large ensemble cast, and writing cinematics and branching dialogue for the 20+ hour adventure. The dev team was interviewed on the official PlayStation blog. I also contributed lore elements for the original Fallen Legion game.


Release Year: 2021
Publisher: Ludia / Jam City
Platforms: Mobile (iOS / Android)

Role: Game Writer

Disney Wonderful Worlds is a Match-3 puzzle game where players team up with their favorite animated characters to build and customize their own Disney Park. I wrote the missions and quests in Toy Story Land, giving voice to Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Rex, and Forky. I also contributed to Adventureland’s quests. As a lifelong Disney parks fan, this project was an “astro blast” to work on. 


Release Year: 2021
Publisher: Adventure Snack
Platforms: eBook

Role: Game Designer

Target Run is a 30 page D&D 5e adventure I wrote, designed, and published on the DMs Guild. It’s a wild sports comedy in the tradition of Caddyshack and The Mighty Ducks. Players join the entourage of Tasvan, a fun-loving dwarf determined to play an elf sport at Overtop Heights, an elves only country club treehouse. Target Run is a bestselling game on DMs Guild, receiving a Copper Medal.



Release Year: 2021
Publisher: Image Comics / Top Cow
Platforms: Trade Paperback

Role: Game Designer

Helm Greycastle is a combination comic book and D&D adventure series. In the comic, a motley crew attempt to rescue a dragon prince in the dangerous and magical world of ancient Azteca. I worked with series creator Henry Barajas on issue #2 to design a one-shot 5e campaign where gamers quest alongside Helm, slaying beasts and uncovering treasure in a temple with a terrible secret. The issue is available to purchase from Image Comics.



Release Year: 2020-21
Publisher: Nordcurrent
Platform: Mobile (iOS / Android)

Role: Game Writer

Murder in the Alps is a mobile mystery game with millions of players worldwide. I’m given a detailed story outline, which I flesh out into interactive scenes with characters, dialogue, and stage direction. I also consult on the overall plot. My first chapter for the game is the highly anticipated “Dancing with the Beasts.”


Release Year: 2020-21
Publisher: Rockbite Games
Platform: Mobile (iOS / Android)

Role: Narrative Designer

Sandship is a sci-fi factory management game that takes place on the mysterious desert planet of Noranti One. I’m writing the game’s main story and quest text, concepting locations and characters, and shaping the lore. The amazing team at Rockbite gives me a lot of creative freedom. Sandship was named one of Google Play’s Best Games of 2020!