I'm a narrative designer for video games with a passion for interactive storytelling. As a writer with over 15 years experience, my career spans multiple "medias": comics, audio fiction, tabletop games, cartoons – the whole enchilada. At 17, I wrote and recorded parody songs in my bedroom that were played on radio stations around the world. Today, my clients include Warner Bros, Ubisoft, Disney, Capcom, and Lionsgate. The special abilities listed on my character sheet include Story Structure, Branching Paths, Genre Fiction, and Matching Brand Voice (as well as Polymorph and Fire Immunity).

Featured projects

Control a roaming factory in this post-apocalyptic sci-fi adventure for mobile.Cue the Cleverbot teaches kids to code with games and interactive stories.Rule an empire in this action RPG on Nintendo Switch and PS4.
Campers have insane adventures in this officially licensed roleplaying game!Cockblock your friends with magic in this fully-playable D&D spoof.More adventures for the official late night RPG of San Diego Comic-Con.
This adventure comedy for kids takes place in a vacation spot for superheroes. “Penn & Pencil” show-within-a-show segments of #1 iTunes podcast. Mystery Show parody featuring the voices of James Urbaniak and Laura Silverman.
Old Spice’s animated web series teaching boys about puberty, starring Isaiah Mustafa.Nerdist sci-fi comedy series about scientists lost in the audioverse.
New comics starring Ariel, Jasmine, Snow White, Belle and their friends.New stories about Oscar the Grouch, Elmo, Grover, and Captain Vegetable.New adventures for Richie Rich and Casper the Friendly Ghost.
Geeky comedy magazine praised by AV Club and Wired. (Editor-in-Chief)National print humor magazine lauded by NY Times. (Contributor)Monthly magazine of adventures for D&D gamers. (Contributor)
Parody alternate history of Disneyland, illustrated by award-winning artists. A short and terrifying romance. #1 YA Humor book on Amazon. Novella satirizing horror fandom and movie news blogs.
Social campaign celebrating Hulu fan favorites. (Agency: Good People)Social posts and commercial for Disney mobile game. (Agency: ICHI Worldwide)

I write an interactive story newsletter called ADVENTURE SNACK. Imagine having micro-versions of those classic “Choose Your Path” gamebooks sent to your inbox. Subscribe here. New games twice a month!

NEWS 'n' reviews

“it won’t be too much longer until we can all get sucked into this promising looking game.”

TouchArcade announcing that Sandship was a selection for the 2020 PAX East Indie Showcase. I’m the upcoming game’s narrative designer.

“A different kind of RPG, one in which players struggle with drugs, sex, and talking vegetables rather than orcs and dungeons.”

Entertainment Weekly announcing Wet Hot American Summer: Fantasy Camp, a tabletop roleplaying game I co-wrote and designed.

“Packed with big laughs”

–TODAY named Hero Hotel, a fiction podcast I write on, one of their “10 best podcasts for kids.”

“This $180 toy robot has virtually limitless activities that teach my kids STEM skills, and it’s a lot of fun”

Business Insider reviews Cue the Cleverbot from Wonder Workshop. I designed many of Cue’s games and missions.

“Geoffrey Golden’s new podcast is like heaven on earth.”

Geek and Sundry reviews Two Packs a Week, a comedy podcast about trading cards, which recorded at Meltdown Comics.

“The short strips follow various Disney Princesses in their hilarious day-to-day adventures”

ICv2 announcing a collection of Disney Princess Comics coming to Target. I wrote for the series, which is published by Joe Books.

clients ♥ me

"He brings his stellar writing skills and unmatched creativity to realize any writing challenge."
Michael Kosaka
Game Designer / Producer (Skate or Die!)
"Geoffrey is enthusiastic, clever and diligent. Hire him, or suffer the consequences!"
Aaron Simpson
Animation Writer / Producer (Happy Tree Friends)

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