geoffrey-super-club-awesomeGeoffrey Golden is a writer, editor and total badass living in West Hollywood, California. He has written bestselling books, comics, video games, feature animation, comedy articles, blogs, web series and (somehow) more!

When he’s not gunning for a title match, Geoffrey writes humor for major studios and highly trafficked websites, like Warner Bros, Fox, Capcom, National Lampoon, Cracked Magazine, Comedy.com and Lionsgate. His viral video shorts have received well over 1 million plays on YouTube, and were featured on Channel 101 and the New York Television Festival.

In 2010, Geoffrey successfully fundraised to start The Devastator, “the quarterly comedy magazine for humans,” featuring writers and artists from Conan, The Simpsons, The Onion, Marvel and DC Comics. He serves as Editor-In-Chief and is a regular contributor. You can purchase a copy in stores across the US, UK and Canada, as well as iVerse’s Comics Plus app. The magazine has received praise from Wired, The AV Club, Bleeding Cool and many more.

Geoffrey wrote and published his first comedy novella in 2011. Snarkicide is a satirical look at the worlds of blogging and low budget horror movies, which debuted at #14 on Kindle’s Parody Book charts. In 2012, he created a fully-functioning comedy role-playing game called Wizards of Cockblock Forest, as part of The Devastator #5: Fantasy. It was played at Comic-Con International as their first-ever “Special Late-Night RPG Event.” In 2013, Geoffrey published Frankenstein’s Girlfriend, his second humor novella, which achieved #1 Hottest Selling Young Adult Humor Release on Amazon, as well as Top 5 YA Humor, Top 10 Satire Fiction, and Top 30 YA Horror. The book is a satirical story about creepy subcultures, classic monster movies, minimum wage jobs and teen dating.

Geoffrey began his comedy writing career when he was 16 years old. From his bedroom in Buffalo, NY, he became a top parody songwriter on MP3.com and received radio play across the world. He even did a talk radio interview in New Zealand!

After graduating from Emerson College with a major in Television/Video and a minor in Writing, Geoffrey moved out to the Hollywood area and achieved his dream of owning a Real Ghostbusters animation cel. In this particular cel, Peter Venkman is standing around in his underwear and who’s behind him? That’s right: a ghost dragon.

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