Narrative designer for over a decade...

I began writing game narratives professionally in 2007. Past clients include Ubisoft, Capcom, Square Enix, and lots of awesome indie studios from around the world. But the first game I ever designed was on a paper diner placemat when I was 7 years old. Inspired by my Game Boy, I drew tiny spaceships, monsters, explosions – and my mom didn't understand it. Eventually, I traded crayons for a keyboard. I've crafted stories for a wide range of gaming platforms: console, mobile, tabletop, web – even robots! I still draw maps by hand, because I'm old school like that.

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Portfolio highlights

These are a few of my favorite game projects I’ve worked on in the past few years. For my writing credits in other “medias,” check out my main page. Feel free to email me for a CV + script sample: geoffrey “at”


Release Year: 2020
Publisher: Rockbite Games
Platform: Mobile (iOS / Android)

Role: Narrative Designer

Sandship is a sci-fi factory management game that takes place on the mysterious desert planet of Noranti One. I’m writing the game’s main story and quest text, concepting locations and characters, and shaping the lore. The amazing team at Rockbite is giving me a lot of creative freedom.


Release Year: 2017-2019
Publisher: Kiwi
Mobile (iOS / Android)
Role: Staff Writer

Joyride was a live game show app, which allowed players to compete for cash prizes in a variety of challenges. As a staff writer, I wrote trivia questions and host banter for Joyride’s most popular games, such as Quizzo, Top Pop, and Film Frenzy. In total, I wrote over 450 scripts!


Release Year: 2017-2018
Publisher: YYT Games
Platforms: PC, Console (PS4 / Switch)

Role: Story

Fallen Legion is a side-scrolling action RPG where the fate of Fenumia is in your hands. The player commands an army of magical fighters called Exemplars. The game director hired me to create backstories for these weapons-come-to-life. I mixed and matched literary devices to make every backstory feel unique. The lore can be read on-screen and in the print manual.


Release Year: 2017
Publisher: Wonder Workshop
Platform: Toy
Mobile (iOS / Android)
Role: Narrative Designer

Cue the Cleverbot is a robot toy designed to teach kids programming fundamentals. I was hired to write games and design interactive fiction adventures with branching paths. Cue acts out stories in real time. For example, when Cue gets “hacked,” I directed its flash red lights and move erratically.   


Release Year: 2017
Publisher: The Devastator
Role: Game Designer

Wet Hot American Summer: Fantasy Camp RPG is an officially licensed TTRPG based on the cult comedy film. My co-creator and I designed a new game engine, wrote the rulebook as characters from the film, and collaborated with the cast. The game received great press in EW, Nerdist, The Verge and more.