Wikipedia War

Wikipedia Wars Book Cover

Wikipedia Wars: The Battle of Wrestlemania 3 Attendance is a thrilling black and white mini-comic about Boaz, a nerdy high school wrestling fan who gets caught up in a year-long edit war on Wikipedia about the attendance of Wrestlemania 3. In his mind, their battle of words plays out like a wrestling match, but will he get pinned by his relentless opponent Nailchewer? The story is based on an actual Wikipedia edit war!



  1. Awesome!
    I’ll be there to get one.

    Oh… wait. I am lazy, cheap, and haven’t bought a ticket that sold out in minutes…

    Oh well, if I am magically teleported there, I will definitely use the sneaky strategies you mentioned in a previous article to gain entrance and receive a copy.

  2. Dude this sucks. You have to go and give me another reason why I hate that I couldn’t go this year. Instead, I’m going to Chicago Wizard World, which is like going to the minor league farm team.

  3. Alright, goddamit, I need to get my hands on this ASAP!

    And for the record, it was 93,000 people.

    They all saw Hogan do the unthinkable and *SLAM* Andre the G.

  4. EDIT: So, I did bring the comic to Comic-Con, but the two people I thought had booths did not. I’m gonna get the comic out this week to you guys. Stay tuned!

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